White Van Man to Get Tax Breaks Under Tory Plans

White Van Man to Get Tax Breaks Under Tory Plans

Rishi Sunak's Tax Boost for the Self-Employed

Under new plans by the Tories, White Van Man will no longer pay National Insurance contributions, as Chancellor Rishi Sunak unveils a major tax boost for the self-employed in a bid to rescue the election campaign.

Support for Working People

This move is part of an effort to help hard-working Brits as Prime Minister Boris Johnson aims to close the 20-point poll deficit. In addition to this, there will be a further 2p cut to National Insurance for all working people.

Benefits for Self-Employed Workers

Around 4.25 million self-employed workers in the UK stand to benefit from these proposals if the Tories are re-elected for the next five years.

Tory Government's Commitment

The Prime Minister has pledged to assist working people in keeping more of the money they earn, emphasizing that the Tories are the party of sound financial management.

Labour's Criticism

Labour has criticized the Tory plans, estimating the cost at £46 billion and labeling them as the most expensive "panic attack" in history.

Additional Tax Cuts and Support

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has also outlined the party's long-term goal to abolish National Insurance, with plans to cut taxes for earners, parents, and pensioners. Furthermore, initiatives to assist first-time buyers include abolishing stamp duty for properties costing up to £425,000.