Rishi Sunak vows to halve migration in manifesto launch

Rishi Sunak vows to halve migration in manifesto launch

Rishi Sunak's Election Pledges

Rishi Sunak launched his manifesto with a promise to halve annual migration and continue to reduce it every year. This pledge was a key focus of his campaign at Silverstone racetrack, where he also outlined other significant promises.

Key Points of the Manifesto

Among the commitments made in Rishi Sunak's manifesto are plans to cut National Insurance rates, abolish it for self-employed workers, protect pensioners from income tax, provide free childcare for working parents, introduce a new form of national service, and more. He also vowed to cap legal migration and ban mobile phones in classrooms.

Addressing Immigration Concerns

Mr. Sunak emphasized the need to reduce migration levels, stating that changes implemented earlier would have already led to a significant decrease in net arrivals. He proposed an "immigration lock" where Parliament would vote on an annual limit for arrivals, aiming to bring down the numbers each year.

Controversy and Opposition

While Mr. Sunak's manifesto aims to address concerns over migration, it has faced criticism for not including a pledge to leave the European Court of Human Rights, seen as a key factor in controlling borders. Some right-wing Tories have expressed dissatisfaction with this omission.

Final Thoughts

Rishi Sunak's manifesto launch signifies a strong stance on reducing migration levels and implementing various policy changes. As the election approaches, his promises and plans will be closely scrutinized by both supporters and critics alike.

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