Rishi Sunak remains confident in stopping boats despite Labour doubts

Rishi Sunak remains confident in stopping boats despite Labour doubts

Rishi Sunak's commitment

Rishi Sunak has reiterated his determination to "stop the boats" despite Labour's skepticism about ending Channel crossings entirely. Shadow Cabinet Minister Pat McFadden criticized any claims of completely eliminating the Channel crisis as unrealistic.

Challenges faced

Downing Street supported Sunak's confidence in meeting the commitment, attributing the recent surge in boat crossings to favorable weather conditions and increased violence against French police by smuggling gangs. These gangs are now packing almost 50 migrants into each dinghy, up from 20 in the previous year.

Government's response

The government emphasized the need to intensify efforts to combat smuggling gangs and disrupt their business model. The proposed partnership with Rwanda aims to address these challenges by deterring individuals from making the perilous journey across the Channel.

Labour's perspective

Labour expressed concerns over the escalating crisis, with Sir Keir Starmer also advocating for halting boat crossings and allocating more resources to law enforcement. However, Shadow Cabinet Minister Pat McFadden questioned the feasibility of completely ending all crossings, highlighting the complex nature of the issue.

Deportation flights to Rwanda

As part of the government's strategy, deportation flights to Rwanda are set to commence by the end of spring to dissuade individuals from attempting the dangerous Channel crossing. The Safety of Rwanda Bill will be reintroduced on April 15, with efforts to expedite its approval in the House of Lords.