Nigel Farage comeback could be "extinction level event" for Tories, warns expert

Nigel Farage comeback could be extinction level event for Tories, warns expert

Exclusive new polling reveals potential impact on UK political landscape

A recent poll conducted by JL Partners suggests that a potential comeback by Nigel Farage could have a significant impact on the UK political scene, with the Reform party surging in popularity. If Farage were to retake the leadership of Reform, the right-wing party could see a sharp rise to 16 per cent in the polls almost instantly. This surge would come at the expense of both the Conservative and Labour parties, with the Tories potentially dropping to a mere 21 per cent.

Pressure mounts on Farage amid speculation of entering general election fray

The survey results have intensified speculation about Farage's future plans, as there is increasing anticipation that he may enter the upcoming general election. Currently led by Richard Tice, Reform is polling at 10 per cent, behind Labour at 45 per cent and the Conservatives at 25. However, with Farage at the helm, Reform could jump to third place at 16 per cent, while Labour would see a decrease to 41 per cent and the Conservatives to 21.

Immigration a key concern for voters

The polling also highlighted a significant rise in concerns about immigration among voters, with the issue now ranking second only to the NHS for those considering voting for the Tories. For Reform voters, stopping illegal immigration and small boats is the top priority, with two-thirds of those surveyed citing it as one of their three main concerns.

Expert warns of potential consequences for Tories

Scarlett Maguire, director at JL Partners, cautioned that Farage's return could deliver a "knockout blow" to the Tories, possibly reducing them to just a few seats in the next election. Maguire emphasized the serious challenge that both major parties could face if Farage decides to re-enter the political arena.

Nigel Farage comeback could be extinction level event for Tories, warns expert

Farage remains tight-lipped on future plans

Despite the buzz surrounding the poll results, Nigel Farage has chosen to keep his plans under wraps. While acknowledging the potential impact on both the Conservative and Labour parties, Farage attributed the Tories' troubles to their own actions. The survey, conducted among 2,002 voters in Great Britain, took place between the 1st and 2nd of May 2024, with a margin of error of 2.2 per cent.

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