Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle suspended over 'serious' complaint

Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle suspended over 'serious' complaint

What happened?

Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle has been suspended by the Labour Party following a "serious" complaint about his behavior. The Brighton Kemptown MP, known for his support of Jeremy Corbyn, may now be removed from standing for Labour at the upcoming General Election in July.

Denial of allegations

Russell-Moyle denies the allegations and claims he has not been informed about the accuser. The 37-year-old received an 'administrative suspension letter' last week, indicating he is suspended pending an internal investigation.

Response from Russell-Moyle

In a message to local campaigners, Russell-Moyle called the complaint "vexatious and politically motivated." He expressed disappointment at not being able to defend himself due to the lengthy party processes, which led to his ineligibility as a candidate in the next election.

Labour's stance

A Labour Party spokesman stated that all complaints are taken seriously and investigated thoroughly, with appropriate disciplinary action taken. Russell-Moyle, a self-described socialist, has been a prominent figure in Labour since his election in 2017.

Past controversies

Russell-Moyle previously made headlines for grabbing the ceremonial mace in the House of Commons during a Brexit vote in 2018. Despite his suspension, Labour is expected to retain the constituency easily.