Ed Miliband’s Eco Fanaticism Could Cost Labour the Election, Say Party Insiders

Ed Miliband’s Eco Fanaticism Could Cost Labour the Election, Say Party Insiders

Fears Grow Over Ed Miliband's Influence

Ed Miliband, often referred to as Labour’s version of Dennis the Menace, is causing concern among party insiders who believe his eco fanaticism could potentially harm Labour’s chances in the next General Election. In light of this, some are urging Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer to distance the party from Miliband and his extreme environmental policies.

Pressure Mounts on Sir Keir Starmer

The recent reshuffle within the Labour party did not see Ed Miliband lose his place, despite accusations that he is too closely aligned with Extinction Rebellion. However, Rishi Sunak’s focus on easing net zero bans as a key election issue has reignited calls for Miliband's removal.

Miliband Criticizes PM’s Delayed Ban and Scrapped Laws

Ed Miliband has been vocal in his disagreement with Prime Minister Boris Johnson's decision to delay the ban on petrol cars until 2035, as well as scrapping laws that required Britons to invest in insulation. These decisions have only heightened concerns among Labour insiders who fear Miliband's eco stance could alienate voters.

Party Figures Speak Out

One former Labour frontbencher went as far as to label Ed Miliband a "menace," suggesting that Sir Keir should have dismissed him. Another Labour MP expressed their despair, calling Miliband a "disaster." The decision by Rishi Sunak to evaluate the costs associated with achieving net zero emissions has left the Labour party feeling exposed.

Defending His Eco Approach

Amid the criticism, Ed Miliband defended his eco-centric approach at the Co-operative Party Conference, identifying the cost of living crisis, the long-term economic crisis, and the climate crisis as the three major challenges facing the country. Miliband attributed many of the economic difficulties to the Tories and accused Rishi Sunak of disregarding the climate crisis.