Ed Miliband branded 'wolf in sheep's clothing' over Net Zero laws

Ed Miliband branded 'wolf in sheep's clothing' over Net Zero laws

Energy Secretary warns of damaging implications

Labour's Ed Miliband has been described as a "wolf in sheep's clothing" by Energy Secretary Claire Coutinho. She believes that Miliband's plans for new Net Zero laws could have negative consequences for the UK.

New laws to limit carbon footprint of big companies and banks

The proposed legislation would require large companies and banks to reduce their carbon footprint in line with UN climate goals. Coutinho is concerned that this could lead to job losses and increased costs for consumers.

Risk of 'climate lawfare' and legal actions

Critics of the new laws fear that UK companies could face legal challenges from environmental groups if they fail to meet the targets set out in the legislation. This could further impact businesses in the country.

Labour hits back at 'scaremongering nonsense' from Tories

In response to Coutinho's comments, a Labour spokesman criticized the Conservative government, labelling them a "clown-car government." They argue that only Labour can make the UK energy independent and reduce bills for families.

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