Three Common PS5 Mistakes You Must Avoid to Keep Your Console Safe and Efficient

Three Common PS5 Mistakes You Must Avoid to Keep Your Console Safe and Efficient

Wrong place!

Make sure you avoid a potentially dangerous mistake by placing your PS5 in the wrong location. Like all electronics, the PS5 is at risk of overheating and starting fires. To prevent this, ensure that your console is well-ventilated and not placed in a cramped TV cabinet. Sony warns against using the console in a closed cabinet or any location where heat may build up, as it can lead to fire, injury, or malfunction. If you receive a pop-up notification indicating that your console is getting very warm, take it seriously and turn off the console until it cools down.

Wasted storage

Don't let your PS5's storage space get filled up unnecessarily. By default, the console automatically saves a 15-second 4K video when you earn a Trophy. Over time, this can accumulate a significant amount of storage. To turn off this feature, go to Settings > Captures and Broadcasts > Auto-Captures > Trophies. Additionally, consider deleting Astro's Playroom if you have already completed it or don't plan on playing it anytime soon. By doing so, you can free up nearly 11GB of space. Remember, you can always reinstall the game for free if you change your mind.

Not using Rest Mode

Make the most of your PS5's features by utilizing Rest Mode. This powerful tool ensures that your console is always ready to play when you switch it on. By enabling automatic updates, you can avoid the frustration of logging on to find that your console needs a time-consuming update or game patches. To activate Rest Mode and automatic updates, go to Settings > System > System Software Update and Settings, and Settings > Saved Data and Game Settings respectively. Keep in mind that Rest Mode uses more electricity than having the console fully switched off, so it's best to use it when you know a big update is coming. You can also schedule game downloads using the PlayStation app while your console is in Rest Mode.

By avoiding these three common mistakes, you can ensure the safety of your PS5 and maximize its efficiency. Remember to prioritize proper ventilation, manage your storage wisely, and utilize Rest Mode for automatic updates. Happy gaming!