'This can’t be real' - Xbox fans shocked as 16 games are made free this month

'This can’t be real' - Xbox fans shocked as 16 games are made free this month

Xbox Game Pass Delivers Surprise Drop

Xbox fans are in for a treat this month as the platform has added a total of 16 free games in February. The latest addition, Dead Island 2, is now available on Xbox Game Pass.

What to Expect from Dead Island 2

Originally launched in April last year, Dead Island 2 has finally made its way to Xbox Game Pass. Players can delve into the zombie shooter and uncover the truth behind the outbreak in Los Angeles. Will you survive and become the ultimate Zombie Slayer?

Second Chance for Fans

With the first game in the series released back in 2011, fans have been eagerly waiting for the sequel. Now, with Dead Island 2 available on Xbox Game Pass, players who missed out on its initial release can jump in and experience the thrill of battling zombies.

Free for Most Subscribers

Good news for Xbox Game Pass subscribers, as Dead Island 2 is accessible to all tiers of the subscription service, except Xbox Game Pass Core. So, most subscribers can enjoy this exciting addition to the game library for free.

Explore More with Xbox Game Pass

For those interested in discovering more free games available on Xbox Game Pass this month, be sure to check out the plethora of options waiting to be played. Don't miss out on the gaming revolution happening on the platform!

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