Steam flooded with clicker games attracting millions of players

Steam flooded with clicker games attracting millions of players

Clicking for fun and profit

Games like BANANA, Cats, and Hamster are taking Steam by storm, with simple click mechanics attracting millions of players. BANANA, for example, reached a peak of 917,272 players despite minimal gameplay, while Cats and Hamster offer similar experiences with changing visuals and in-game rewards.

Steam items and real-world value

What sets these games apart is their ability to drop Steam Items that can be sold on the Steam Market Place. While the items may only fetch pennies in most cases, some have sold for over £1k ($1.3k), adding a real-world value to the simple act of clicking.

A growing trend

Following the success of BANANA, more clicker games have emerged on Steam, each offering their own unique twist on the genre. Cats, for instance, changes its design based on clicks, while Hamster adds a shaking effect to the mix.

Comparisons to crypto and NFTs

Some have likened the gameplay of these clicker games to activities like mining crypto or minting NFTs, where players invest time to earn items of perceived value. Whether this trend will continue to dominate Steam remains to be seen.

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