Nintendo Switch Sports Update: Free Upgrade Coming Soon!

Nintendo Switch Sports Update: Free Upgrade Coming Soon!

Nintendo Switch fans, get ready for a big surprise!

Nintendo recently unveiled its schedule for the second half of 2024, leaving some release dates a mystery. However, during the June 2024 Nintendo Direct, an update for Nintendo Switch Sports was teased with a vague mid-2024 release date.

Introducing Basketball to Nintendo Switch Sports

The latest announcement reveals that the free update for Nintendo Switch Sports, featuring the new sport of Basketball, will be launched on Wednesday, July 10, 2024. This update will bring a plethora of new modes to the game.

New Modes and Challenges Await

Players can look forward to engaging in 2v2 matches against AI, locally or online. Additionally, there will be single and multiplayer challenges, including three-point challenges and races to score baskets before opponents.

How to Get the Update

For those with auto-updates enabled, the game will be updated seamlessly. However, if not, manual updates are available. Physical cartridge owners may need to insert the game and open it, while digital version users may need to initiate the update by attempting to play the game.

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