PlayStation to make MILLIONS of PSVR 2 headsets ahead of launch

DESPITE the low numbers that PlayStation’s original VR headset sold at launch, Sony hopes to produce millions of headsets ahead of the PSVR 2’s launch.

The original PSVR took five months to sell a million units, and has now sold over 5million in total.

PlayStation to make MILLIONS of PSVR 2 headsets ahead of launch
PSVR 2 will allow you to see beyond the headset.

However, it appears that Sony is expecting a bigger launch for its updated headset, and is rumoured to be aiming to produce 2million headsets by the time it releases.

The PSVR 2 was originally set to launch in time for the holiday.

Stock shortages for the PS5 have delayed its release, and it won’t come out until early 2023.

Consumers are still struggling to get their hands on PlayStation’s latest console, and a PS5 is required in order to play games on PSVR 2.

According to a Bloomberg report, Sony is producing more units both in hopes that PSVR 2 will outsell its predecessor, and also to get ahead of stock shortages like the ones that the PS5 has faced.

Interest in virtual reality headsets has grown substantially since PlayStation’s first headset was released.

The most popular VR headset on the market today is the Meta Quest 2, which sold almost 3million units in its first few months on sale.

Sony is the only one of the big three console developers branching out into VR technology compatible with its consoles.

The PSVR 2 is far more technologically impressive than the original, boasting specs that are similar to high-end headsets on the market.

PlayStation has not yet announced a price for the headset, but some are speculating it might cost as much as the PS5 itself.

Sony recently raised the price of the PS5 in most regions outside of the US, citing global high inflation rates. 

As people face the cost of living crisis, fewer people are likely to spend large amounts of money on new luxury tech items like VR.

Despite this, Sony seems optimistic about the new headset, and up to 20 games are already rumoured to be in development for it.

This includes a new game made specifically in VR from the Horizon series.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.