Final Fantasy 14: Dawntrail Expansion Review

Final Fantasy 14: Dawntrail Expansion Review

Dive into the World of Dawntrail

Dawntrail is the latest expansion for Final Fantasy 14, picking up where Endwalker left off. It offers a fresh start for your character, introducing new ideas and a new tone to the game.

Storyline and Characters

While familiar faces make a return, Dawntrail introduces a new cast that drives the narrative forward. Some characters, like Wuk Lamat, are well-written, while others, like Zoreel Ja, may fall flat.

Visual Enhancements and Gameplay

Dawntrail features stunning new zones and a complete graphical overhaul, enhancing the overall visual experience. The expansion offers challenging dungeons and trials, along with two new job additions, Pictomancer and Viper, to freshen up gameplay.

Social Commentary and Future Prospects

Dawntrail delves into complex topics and offers social commentary, adding depth to the storyline. While there are areas that could use polishing, the expansion adds more depth to the already brilliant Final Fantasy 14, leaving players hopeful for the future.


Despite some rough patches, Dawntrail is a well-executed addition to Final Fantasy 14, promising more exciting adventures and storylines ahead. Fans of the series will find plenty to enjoy in this latest expansion.

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