Dr Disrespect's Game Cuts Ties After 'Inappropriate' Messages

Dr Disrespect's Game Cuts Ties After 'Inappropriate' Messages

Refunds Offered to Players

Popular streamer Dr Disrespect faced consequences after admitting to sharing 'inappropriate' messages with a minor. As a result, companies like Midnight Society began distancing themselves from him. One such company, Hi-Rez Studios, has removed Dr Disrespect content from their game Rogue Company and is offering refunds to players.

Content Removed from Game

Dr Disrespect's skin and arena have been taken out of Rogue Company following the streamer's admission. Players who had purchased these items will receive refunds in the form of in-game currency, Rogue Bucks. While some players wished for real money refunds, the gesture was appreciated nonetheless.

Continued Fallout

Dr Disrespect's statement about messaging a minor in 2017 led to further backlash from companies and the gaming community at large. This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of responsible online behavior, especially when interacting with younger individuals.