Starving shoppers loot Shanghai supermarket as China sends 26m into world’s strictest Covid lockdown

VIDEO of starving shoppers looting a supermarket has emerged as Shanghai sends 26million residents into the world’s strictest Covid lockdown...


VIDEO of starving shoppers looting a supermarket has emerged as Shanghai sends 26million residents into the world’s strictest Covid lockdown.

Desperate mobs scouring for food are seen rummaging through boxes and fleeing with packaged goods after breaking through barriers.

Video show mobs destroying barriers and looting stores for food

Desperate residents are seen trying to quickly find anything they can take

People were seen rummaging through boxes before fleeing with whatever they could carry

In the clip posted to Twitter, people appear desperate as they quickly try to find food they can take home.

The social media user who posted the footage claimed the group felt powerless over the shortage of food.

They said: “It was started from a small community, people started to protest and demanded for food supply.

“Then they broke the police defence line and loot the food from a nearby supermarket.”

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Shanghai residents have been confined to their homes with orders not to leave, even for food shopping.

People have been instructed they must order food and water while awaiting Government deliveries of vegetables, meat and eggs.

But with services overwhelmed some are going hungry, fueling public anger as the city faces its biggest ever Covid outbreak.

Further footage, believed to have been filming in the same area, shows people appearing to protest.

In one horrifying clip which is yet to be independently verified, a Shanghai resident pans his phone camera across the city from an apartment where people are heard screaming out of their windows.

Outrage is also mounting over claims parents are being separated from their parents if they test positive, BBC reported.

Shanghai authorities amended its response to allow parents who were also infected to join their kids in isolation centres however Reuters understands this was not applied to all cases.

Amid growing frustration with the latest lockdowns restrictions, video of vile animal abuse sparked further fury online.

A pet corgi was seen being beaten to death after his owner tested positive for Covid amid the strict lockdown.

The video shows the man dressed in hazmat gear beating the innocent corgi with a shovel in a resident compound in Pudong district on Wednesday.

The grotesque moment was caught on camera by a resident in a nearby tower and shows the Covid-19 prevention worker chasing the dog down the street before hitting it three times.

Reports of desperate Shanghai residents protesting over the food shortage are emerging on social media

Videos of small riots have been posted online