Kate Garraway updates fans after urgent plea to find Derek’s vital medical supplies

KATE Garraway has thanked fans for helping her retrieve husband Derek Draper’s medication after leaving it inside a taxi.Derek, 54, has become the..


KATE Garraway has thanked fans for helping her retrieve husband Derek Draper’s medication after leaving it inside a taxi.

Derek, 54, has become the UK’s longest-suffering patient of Covid after being admitted to hospital with the virus in March 2020.

Kate Garraway is a full time carer for husband Derek and accidentally left his medical supplies in a cab

Kate, 55, is now his carer and he requires round the clock care at home, after coronavirus nearly killed him back in 2020.

The Good Morning Britain star immediately realised her error, and took to Twitter last night to put out a call to arms to try and get his supplies back.

Addressing Black Cab Lost Property, she wrote: ” @BC_Lostproperty help!! Have just brought derek home in a mobility black cab from hospital for a weekend visit & have left a case with all his meds and kit in the front!”

She added: “The driver recognised me but may not know it’s there – please look & get in touch – need urgently!!”

A follower who knew the driver of her cab, responded: “I know the driver Kate as he mentioned he’d taken you and your husband to me this evening. I’m trying to get in touch right now.”

And they were good to their word, letting people know that the situation had been resolved.

She returned to Twitter this morning to reveal the good samaritan’s work had paid off.

“It’s been returned! Thanks to all who reached out – the message got to driver lovely Robert who has returned it – phew and thanks to all. #happysundayeveryone,” she posted.

Kate recently admitted she has been left feeling emotional and worried about Derek’s trips out.

She wrote: “So Derek has been in and out of hospital a lot recently -hopefully the wonderful health teams will help him improve but I woke up early feeling exhausted & very fretful.”

Kate, who shares children Billy and Darcey with Derek, added that she was spending some time in her “happy place” – the garden – to make herself feel better.

She said: “As you know my garden is my #happyplace so came out for some #calm and to get stuck in to some weeding & planting. 

“It’s been ages since have been able to & I really missed it but nature hasn’t me. 

“The flowers are blooming, fruits growing, leaves dancing in the breeze. 

“Am sure there’s a message in there somewhere for how life finds a way, and I certainly feel better for being in amongst it.”

Kate Garraway pictured in documentary Finding Derek