Urgent Call to Beef Up Britain's Cyber Security Against Russia

Urgent Call to Beef Up Britain's Cyber Security Against Russia

Government-Commissioned Report Highlights Risks

According to a government-commissioned report set to be released this week, Britain is facing the risk of losing the cyber war against Russian and Chinese disinformation. The report emphasizes the urgent need to enhance cyber security measures to protect UK democracy from external threats.

Recommendations to Combat Russian Disinformation

The report suggests lifting salary caps on cyber experts to strengthen security measures against disinformation campaigns led by countries like Russia. Agencies such as GCHQ are urged to receive increased funding to counteract attempts by foreign entities to sow division through hacks and fake news.

Support from Cabinet Minister Michael Gove

Cabinet minister Michael Gove is backing the report and advocating for the full acceptance of its recommendations by No10. Gove will address concerns around anti-Semitism on the same day as the report's launch, highlighting the importance of combating race-hate spreading through UK universities.

Concerns Over Brain Drain to Tech Companies

There are growing concerns about a brain drain of highly skilled cyber experts to big tech companies like Meta, as current salary sign-off rules are seen as restrictive. The report recommends relaxing these rules for cyber recruits to retain top talent and bolster national security.

Threats Posed by Russian Troll Factories

The report sheds light on the use of troll factories by the Kremlin to spread disinformation on social media platforms, targeting politicians in the UK and other Western countries. Russian groups have previously been exposed for disseminating false conspiracy theories about public figures.

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