Rishi Sunak pleads for forgiveness over D-Day gaffe

Rishi Sunak pleads for forgiveness over D-Day gaffe

Rishi's heartfelt plea

Rishi Sunak has asked the public to forgive him for his recent D-Day blunder, urging them to judge him based on his long-term actions in support of veterans. Speaking at a campaign event in West Sussex, the Prime Minister expressed hope that people could find it in their hearts to move past the incident.

Condemning Farage

During the same event, Sunak criticized Nigel Farage, stating that comments made by the political figure were not beneficial for the country. He refused to engage in a war of words, emphasizing that such actions were not conducive to positive politics.

Commitment to the campaign

Despite facing backlash over the D-Day blunder, Sunak has vowed to continue fighting for every vote as he strives to reset his campaign. With major announcements on the horizon, including pledges for new police officers and changes to benefits, the Prime Minister remains confident in the actions being taken.

Warning against division

In response to calls for the Tories to unite with Farage, Sunak cautioned against such a move, highlighting that it could potentially lead to Sir Keir Starmer becoming Prime Minister. He urged voters to consider the implications of their choices, emphasizing the need for unity within the party.

Rishi Sunak pleads for forgiveness over D-Day gaffe