Report Claims Migration Responsible for 90% of UK Housing Shortfalls

Report Claims Migration Responsible for 90% of UK Housing Shortfalls

Tory Report Highlights Impact of Migration on Housing Crisis

A recent report by Tory MPs Robert Jenrick and Neil O’Brien suggests that migration is the primary factor behind almost 90 per cent of housing shortfalls in the UK. The influx of migrants has put significant pressure on public services, particularly the housing sector, according to the report.

Numbers Speak Volumes

Over the past decade, the report indicates that the demand for housing exceeded what was actually built by a staggering 1.34 million homes. This deficit is largely attributed to the need to accommodate migrants, with 89 per cent of the shortfall required to house new arrivals.

Call for Action

The MPs emphasize the need for a reduction in net migration and propose annual voting on visa limits to manage the influx of newcomers effectively. Former Immigration Minister Mr Jenrick stresses the importance of setting clear targets and combating abuses in the visa system to address the housing crisis.

Government's Responsibility

The report also criticizes the government for allowing net migration to surpass 3.7 million since 2010, equivalent to the combined populations of several major UK cities. The MPs urge PM Rishi Sunak to prioritize reducing net migration and implementing measures to control the flow of new arrivals.

Impact of Visa Controls

Home Secretary James Cleverly noted a 24 per cent decrease in visa applications in 2024 following the implementation of new visa control measures. The government's efforts to regulate visa applications aim to address concerns raised in the report regarding the impact of migration on housing shortages.

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