President of climate summit Cop28 claims fossil fuel ban ‘could take world back to caves’

President of climate summit Cop28 claims fossil fuel ban ‘could take world back to caves’

The president of climate summit Cop28 has sparked controversy by suggesting that banning fossil fuels would have a detrimental impact on global development, potentially regressing society to a primitive state.

Questioning the Science

Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, chairman of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, made the remarks during an online event, where he expressed skepticism about the effectiveness of phasing out fossil fuels in reducing global temperatures by 1.5 degrees. Al Jaber argued that there is no scientific evidence or scenario supporting the notion that eliminating fossil fuels is the solution.

A Backlash at the Climate Summit

The president's comments sent shockwaves through the multinational climate summit, where King Charles is a guest of honor. The remarks were seen as controversial, especially considering Al Jaber's position as the chairman of a major oil company.

Oil and Gas Companies in Climate Change Talks

Al Jaber has consistently advocated for the involvement of oil and gas companies in climate change discussions. He believes that these companies should have a voice and a role in shaping the solutions and strategies for addressing climate change.

Response from Cop28

A spokesperson for Cop28 defended the president's comments, stating that he was quoting scientific research and the opinions of leading climate experts. The spokesperson also accused critics of attempting to undermine the achievements of the Cop presidency and misrepresenting its position on climate change.

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