No10 Condemns Threat Against 'Openly Jewish' Man at Protest

No10 Condemns Threat Against 'Openly Jewish' Man at Protest

Outrage and Calls for Resignation

Britain's top police chief, Sir Mark Rowley, is under fire after a man was threatened with arrest for being "openly Jewish" at an anti-Israel protest. Calls for the Met Commissioner to resign have been led by former Home Secretary Suella Braverman. The incident has sparked outrage and demands for accountability in protest policing.

Incident Details

Gideon Falter, who was wearing a kippah skull-cap, was stopped in London last week during a pro-Palestine march. In a widely shared video, he was told by police that his presence was causing a breach of the peace because he was "quite openly Jewish." The Met later retracted a statement criticizing those opposed to the main protests for being provocative.

Response and Apology

No.10 has described the incident as "appalling," but has not called for Sir Mark Rowley's resignation. However, there are ongoing discussions as he is set to meet with Home Secretary James Cleverly this week. The Met has reached out to Mr. Falter to offer a private meeting, apologize, and engage in talks to address the issue.

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