Michael Gove to Address Surge in Anti-Semitism and Criticize Pro-Palestine March Organisers

Michael Gove to Address Surge in Anti-Semitism and Criticize Pro-Palestine March Organisers

Key Points:

Michael Gove will condemn the rise in anti-Semitism incidents as he criticizes the organisers of pro-Palestine marches for not being vigilant of anti-Jewish hate.

Three women were found guilty of terror offenses after displaying images associated with Hamas during the October 7 atrocities.

Gove will stress the importance of protecting all freedoms, highlighting the safety of Jewish people as a crucial indicator.

His comments come ahead of the government’s Counter Extremism Action Plan and amid concerns of growing anti-Semitism on university campuses.

Gove will call on the House of Lords to support new legislation to prevent businesses and organizations from being targeted through boycotts, which can fuel anti-Semitic sentiments.

Michael Gove is set to deliver a speech today, addressing the concerning surge in anti-Semitic incidents and taking aim at the organizers of pro-Palestine marches. Gove will emphasize the need for vigilance against anti-Jewish hate within these demonstrations, citing recent incidents involving individuals displaying images associated with Hamas. He will stress that while many participants in these marches seek peace and an end to suffering, there are also those promoting hate alongside them, urging organizers to take action to prevent this.

Gove's intervention comes as he warns of the broader implications of rising anti-Semitism, stating that the safety of Jewish people serves as a warning signal for the threats to all freedoms. He will highlight the correlation between growing anti-Semitism and the weakening of societal cohesion, noting its common presence among extremist groups of various ideologies. Gove will also call for support for new legislation to protect businesses and organizations from boycotts that can contribute to the increase in anti-Semitic activities.