Labour's Green Plan Criticized by Energy Secretary

Labour's Green Plan Criticized by Energy Secretary

China Dependency Warning

Labour's push for a rapid green transition could turn the UK into a "made in China" economy, according to Energy Secretary Claire Coutinho. She raised concerns about the reliance on Chinese imports if Labour's net zero policies are implemented.

Threat of Chinese Imports

Coutinho highlighted the risk of Britain becoming dependent on China for green technology imports rather than supporting domestic industries. She also mentioned the possibility of imposing tariffs on Chinese-made electric vehicles, similar to the US.

Criticism of Labour's Approach

The Energy Secretary criticized Labour's approach of going "ever faster, ever further" towards net zero, suggesting it could lead to a transition primarily reliant on Chinese manufacturing. She also called out shadow energy secretary Ed Miliband for dismissing Ulez critics as "climate deniers" or "flat earthers."

Referendum on Net Zero

When asked about a potential referendum on net zero, Coutinho stated that the upcoming election would already offer voters a choice on the matter. She emphasized the importance of finding a balance between green initiatives and protecting British industry.

Labour's Green Plan Criticized by Energy Secretary

Criticism of Ulez Policy

London cabbie Grant Davis criticized the Ultra Low Emission Zone policy, expressing frustration over the financial burden it placed on him. Coutinho echoed his concerns, describing Ulez as an "appalling policy" that disproportionately affects those with limited resources.

The discussion took place during a special segment on the Never Mind The Ballots show, where Coutinho engaged with both political editor Harry Cole and London cabbie Grant Davis on the implications of current green policies.