Labour to Make Stolen Phones Useless in Fight Against Mobile Theft

Labour to Make Stolen Phones Useless in Fight Against Mobile Theft

Labour has announced a new initiative to combat mobile phone theft by rendering stolen phones useless. Tech companies will be required to implement safety features that block stolen devices from being re-registered, removing the incentive for thieves to steal phones.

Low Prosecution Rates for Phone Theft

Despite a phone being stolen every four minutes, only one in a hundred phone thefts result in a criminal charge, according to research conducted by the Labour party. Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper has expressed concern over the lack of accountability for phone theft crimes and has vowed to take action.

Labour's Crime Crackdown

In addition to the phone theft initiative, Labour is promising a broader crackdown on crime with plans to recruit 13,000 extra police and community support officers. Party leader Sir Keir Starmer aims to increase police presence on the streets and reduce time spent on administrative tasks.

Labour plans to fund these initiatives with £360 million in savings from Home Office procurement, emphasizing their commitment to addressing issues of law and order in the country.

Public Demand for Action

Both Labour and the Conservative Party are striving to position themselves as strong on law and order, responding to public dissatisfaction with rising anti-social behavior and unsolved crimes. With phone theft on the rise, the new measures proposed by Labour aim to tackle this issue head-on.