Kids aged 16 to be given the vote if Labour wins power

Kids aged 16 to be given the vote if Labour wins power

Lowering the voting age to engage young people

Labour has committed to lowering the voting age from 18 to 16 if they win power, allowing young people to feel empowered and fully engage in our democratic process. This move would result in around 1.4 million extra people participating in elections, potentially benefiting Labour as they tend to poll better among younger voters. Scotland and Wales already allow 16 and 17-year-olds to vote in their elections.

Plans to give EU migrants a say are dropped

However, Labour has abandoned its plans to give 3.4 million EU nationals the right to vote in general elections. The idea, which had been under consideration, was omitted from the National Policy Forum, effectively killing the proposal. This decision comes as Sir Keir Starmer faces criticism for reneging on promises made during his 2020 leadership bid, such as advocating for free movement and scrapping tuition fees.

The debate over voting rights for long-term EU residents

In May, Sir Keir expressed his belief that it was unjust for EU citizens living in Britain to be denied the right to vote in general elections. He argued that those who have been in the country for many years, contributing to the economy and the community, should have the right to participate in the democratic process. The Tories, however, accused the Labour leader of attempting to manipulate the electorate.

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