Johnny Mercer Urges Rebel Tory MPs to Support Rishi Sunak

Johnny Mercer Urges Rebel Tory MPs to Support Rishi Sunak

Veterans minister warns of election risk if party does not unite

Veterans minister Johnny Mercer has called on rebel Tory MPs to rally behind Chancellor Rishi Sunak, warning that failing to do so could hand the election to the Labour Party. Mercer, a senior Conservative, urged his colleagues to "pull together" because the country's future is "at stake". His comments come after a week of bitter infighting over the Prime Minister's emergency legislation to send illegal migrants to Rwanda.

Unity needed to reflect public values, says Mercer

Mercer stressed the importance of "discipline, dedication, and duty" as the public looks for a party in government that reflects their values. He emphasized that the Prime Minister embodies these values and called on the Cabinet and the party as a whole to show their support. Mercer also urged his colleagues to scrutinize the Labour Party, stating that the more they look, the worse it gets. He emphasized that the country and the nation are at stake in this serious business.

Labour's offer to veterans is "dire," says Mercer

Mercer highlighted the lack of plans and support for veterans in the Labour Party, particularly in his area of responsibility. He called attention to the dire state of the veterans' offer in the opposition party and stated that the Conservatives need to continue examining and scrutinizing Labour's policies. Mercer emphasized that the commitment to support homeless veterans has been achieved and that no veteran will be sleeping rough this Christmas due to a lack of provision.

Hotline launched to tackle homelessness among veterans

Johnny Mercer recently launched Op Fortitude, a scheme aimed at tackling homelessness in the veteran community. The former British Army commando announced that 400 people have been referred to the program since its launch in July. Mercer expressed his commitment to ensuring that no veterans sleep rough this Christmas, stating that the provision for homeless veterans is not saturated. He described his work as a "huge privilege" and emphasized the positive impact it has on changing lives.

Johnny Mercer Urges Rebel Tory MPs to Support Rishi Sunak

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