Government to Ban Sex Education for Kids Under Nine Years Old

Government to Ban Sex Education for Kids Under Nine Years Old

Ministers Set to Make Announcement

Ministers are planning to announce a ban on teaching sex education to kids younger than nine years old. Education Secretary Gillian Keegan is expected to unveil the new guidelines, prohibiting schools from delivering these classes to pupils before Year 5.

Focus on Scientific Facts

Following this age restriction, sex education lessons for older children must be based on "scientific" facts rather than gender ideology. A recent Cabinet memo highlights that gender identity is a contested subject that should not be included in the curriculum.

Review and Criticism

Chancellor Rishi Sunak initiated a review into Relationships, Sex, and Health Education lessons last year in response to concerns over inappropriate and inaccurate content. Tory MP Miriam Cates raised issues about children being taught about numerous genders and graphic sexual content.

New Guidelines Emphasize Real-World Harms

The upcoming government guidance, scheduled for release on Thursday, will also underline the importance of educating students about real-world dangers such as stalking. Sex education will be permitted from Year 6 onwards, focusing solely on scientific information.

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