Gary Neville rules out becoming a Labour MP but gives Starmer a pep talk

GARY Neville yesterday ruled out becoming a Labour MP – but gave Sir Keir Starmer a half-time pep talk.

The ex-Man United star joked it was the “best reception he’s ever had in Liverpool” as he became the party’s newest signing.

Gary Neville rules out becoming a Labour MP but gives Starmer a pep talk
Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer speaks with Former Man United star Gary Neville on day two of the Labour Party Conference

However despite unleashing a lefty rant against Liz Truss the Red Devil said he had “no intention of going into politics”.

He said: “I feel politically motivated but I can do as much for the Labour Party being here today as I can do being an MP.”

And he warned Sir Keir: “Make sure you play left of centre, you’ve got to deliver some nice passes to that left wing as they’re a little bit noisy.”

It comes as Keir Starmer was embroiled in a fresh tax row — after attempts to show party unity through a tribute to the Queen.

The Labour leader was dragged into a bitter clash with Manchester  Mayor Andy Burnham over their economic plans for No10.

Sir Keir insisted he would bring back the 45p top rate of income tax after a cut which will hand thousands of top earners an average of £10,000.

However, he promised to keep the planned penny off the basic income tax rate, from 20p to 19p, which would help lower earners from next April.

Mr Burnham told his party leader to get on the “front foot” over last week’s tax giveaway in the mini budget by Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng.