Dale Vince Calls for Meat Tax to Encourage Brits Towards Vegan Lifestyle

Dale Vince Calls for Meat Tax to Encourage Brits Towards Vegan Lifestyle

Millionaire Labour Donor Advocates for Levies on Steaks

In a fiery clash on Trending In The News, millionaire Labour donor Dale Vince argued that imposing taxes on red meat could be a crucial step in pushing more Brits towards a vegan lifestyle. Vince, the green energy boss, believes that red meat is the most destructive dietary choice for both human health and the planet.

Steering People's Behavior Towards Sustainability

Vince emphasized that part of the transition to a net-zero society involves consuming less meat. He suggested that a tax on meat could effectively steer people's behavior towards making more sustainable choices. Despite acknowledging that people don't have to completely give up meat, he stressed the detrimental effects of current dietary habits on health and the environment.

Advocating for 'Gas from Grass'

In addition to advocating for a meat tax, Vince criticized the high costs associated with heat pumps and proposed an alternative solution - 'gas from grass'. He explained that utilizing grass to produce gas could potentially power the entire country. Vince highlighted a pilot project in Reading that successfully powered homes with gas made from grass, presenting it as a viable and efficient alternative.

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