COPS Urged to Increase Stop and Search to Tackle Knife Crime

COPS Urged to Increase Stop and Search to Tackle Knife Crime

Minister Emphasizes the Importance of Stop and Search

Citing the rise in knife crime, policing minister Chris Philp has called for an increase in the use of stop and search by police officers. He described it as a "vital tool" in combating the issue and emphasized that officers should not hesitate to carry it out.

Concerns Over Knife Sales on Social Media

Recent warnings highlight the accessibility of knives on social media platforms like TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram. Commander Stephen Clayman expressed concern over the ease with which teens can access such weapons online.

Efforts to Enhance Policing Tactics

In a bid to strengthen policing methods, the Home Office has announced additional funding for research and development of new technologies aimed at detecting knives from a distance. The Metropolitan Police will also receive funding for more live facial recognition camera vans.

Crackdown on Knife Possession

In a move to tighten laws around dangerous weapons, measures will be put in place to seize zombie knives, machetes, and swords found in private properties. Possession, sale, manufacture, or transportation of these banned weapons will carry stricter penalties.

Statistics on Knife Crime

Official figures reveal a 7% increase in knife crime in the year leading up to December 2023. Shockingly, 82% of teenage homicide victims in the year to March 2023 were killed with a knife, compared to 73% in the previous year.

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