China’s secret police stations in the UK are ‘unacceptable’ and must be shut down, ministers blast

SECURITY Minister Tom Tugendhat today blasted China for running “unacceptable” police service stations in the UK.

In a stern warning to the Chinese Embassy in London, Mr Tugendhat said: “They must not operate in any form.”

China’s secret police stations in the UK are ‘unacceptable’ and must be shut down, ministers blast
Security Minister Tom Tugendhat today warned the Chinese Communist Party against operating “police service stations” in the UK

China’s secret police stations in the UK are ‘unacceptable’ and must be shut down, ministers blast
Earlier this year Trending In The News revealed allegations of a secret police station operating at a Cantonese restaurant in Glasgow

Last year claims emerged about Communist Party cops secretly spying on the Chinese diaspora from bases in Croydon, Hendon, and Belfast.

One station was even alleged to be operating out of a Cantonese restaurant in Glasgow, called Loon Fung.

Human rights group Safeguard Defenders claimed that while the stations were officially set up for “administrative tasks”, really they were being used by officials to harass citizens and coerce them to return home.

A probe into the allegations, published today, found police service stations did exist.

However, there was no “evidence of illegal activity on behalf of the Chinese state across these sites”.

Mr Tugendhat acknowledged media and police attention could’ve led officials to hide evidence.

The Security Minister also confirmed the stations were created without UK government permission and have “worried and intimidated” the Chinese diaspora.

Mr Tugendhat said: “The Chinese authorities regularly criticise others for what they see as interference in their internal affairs. Yet, they felt able to open unattributed sites without consulting the UK Government.

“The Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office have told the Chinese Embassy that any functions related to such ‘police service stations’ in the UK are unacceptable and that they must not operate in any form.”

The Chinese Embassy have since responded that all service stations have been shut down.

The Security Minister added: “We want to engage and partner with China on key issues where it is in our national interest to do so.

“However, the UK will always put national security first.”

Sacha Deshmukh, Chief Executive of Amnesty International UK, said: “Any Chinese ‘police stations’ being used to spy on Hong Kong and mainland Chinese communities anywhere in the UK must be shut down immediately.

“The Government must make it absolutely clear to the Chinese authorities at the highest levels that it will not tolerate the long arm of Chinese state oppression here.”

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