Xbox's Big Reveal: Three New Consoles Unveiled in Summer Games Fest Showcase

Xbox's Big Reveal: Three New Consoles Unveiled in Summer Games Fest Showcase

Xbox's Latest Showcase

Xbox recently stole the spotlight during the Summer Games Fest with a lineup of highly-anticipated game announcements. However, one reveal stood out among the rest.

Three New Consoles for Every Gamer

Xbox made waves by announcing the release of three new consoles, catering to different types of players and preferences.

The first in line is the affordable 1TB Xbox Series S, initially launched in September 2023. Originally available only in black, it now comes in a sleek white design, offering players more options. Priced at $349/£299, it provides a budget-friendly entry into the gaming world.

Next up is the digital version of the 1TB Xbox Series X, known for its powerful performance. With the same storage capacity as the current Series X but without a disc drive, this version comes in a stylish white finish. Priced at $449 (approx. £399), it offers a more cost-effective alternative to the original disc-based model priced at $569/£479.

The third and final console announced is the 2TB Xbox Series X, boasting double the storage capacity of the standard console. Featuring a striking black design with a spackled white overlay, Xbox dubs it the Galaxy Black Special Edition. Priced at $599 (approx. £549), this edition targets players looking to store multiple large games on their consoles. Unlike the other new Xbox Series X, this model includes a disc drive, similar to the original console.

Release and Availability

While specific release dates for these consoles are yet to be confirmed, they are expected to hit the shelves in late 2024, possibly in time for the holiday season.

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