Warner Bros. Reverses Decision to Remove Adult Swim Games from Online Storefronts

Warner Bros. Reverses Decision to Remove Adult Swim Games from Online Storefronts

IN the world of digital downloads, it’s sadly not uncommon for games to come and go from online storefronts. This obviously upsets gamers who believe in game preservation and the ability to access all the games that are made. Small Radios Big Televisions was just one of the games affected.

Policy Reversal

In March, Warner Bros. announced that Adult Swim games would be closed and the games delisted on all storefronts in the process. Some of the developers spoke out about this claiming there was just 60 days before the games would be removed. Developer of Small Radios Big Televisions, Owen Deery, said that Warner Bros. cited "internal business changes" for the removal of the games.

Developers' Response

Fist Puncher developer Matt Kain Lewandowski said that Warner Bros. refused to transfer ownership of the game in order to keep it on Steam. However, more than 60 days have passed since the announcement, and the Adult Swim Games are still available for purchase.

Positive Update

Deery has returned to update players on the situation, and it seems that Warner Bros. have changed its policy. Deery’s tweet reads: "Update: Game will not be 'retired'. Ownership and store listings will return to me." This is the only news we’ve had on the topic, but it seems that other developers will be affected similarly.

Implications for Other Games

Other Adult Swim Games such as Fist Puncher, Jazzpunk, and Rain World are all still available suggesting that this is a sweeping policy change. It’s not been explained why the change was made, but gamers believe that the pushback was a part of the decision.

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