The Mystery of The Ghoul in the Fallout TV Show Unveiled

The Mystery of The Ghoul in the Fallout TV Show Unveiled

Introducing The Ghoul

Prime Video's latest show, Fallout, based on the popular post-apocalyptic video game series, has left viewers intrigued by one character - The Ghoul.

Cooper Howard, also known as The Ghoul, is a central figure in the Fallout TV series, and here is everything you need to know about this enigmatic character.

The Mystery of The Ghoul in the Fallout TV Show Unveiled
The Ghoul, portrayed by Walton Goggins in Prime Video's Fallout show

Note: The following text contains spoilers for Fallout Season 1.

Unraveling The Ghoul's Identity

In the Fallout TV show on Prime Video, The Ghoul is revealed to be Cooper Howard, a former Hollywood actor who turned into a bounty hunter after being transformed into a ghoul following the nuclear war.

Howard, once a famous actor known for Westerns, later found himself working as an animator at kids' birthday parties before the world was forever changed by the nuclear bombs.

Meet The Actor Behind The Ghoul

Walton Goggins, the talented American actor, portrays The Ghoul in the Fallout series on Prime Video. Goggins is recognized for his roles in various TV shows, such as The Shield, Justified, and more.

Notably, Goggins has previously delved into the realm of video game adaptations, portraying Mathias Vogel in the 2018 film Tomb Raider.

Exploring Fallout's Ghoul Lore

In the Fallout games, Ghouls are post-human beings who survived the devastating Great War, resulting in significant mutations due to radiation exposure.

While Ghouls exhibit zombie-like traits, they have varied cognitive abilities and lifespans, with some potentially remaining non-feral for extended periods.

Spotlight on Ghoul Aging and Appearance

Ghouls in Fallout do not age like humans and are effectively immortal, though their bodies bear the marks of radiation exposure.

Despite their zombie-like appearance, Ghouls do not decay, and their resilience to radiation may even make them less susceptible to decomposition than regular humans.

Differences Between TV Show and Video Game Ghouls

The Fallout TV show expands on the lore of Ghouls by introducing RadAway, a key element in mitigating radiation effects. The show hints at a link between RadAway usage and feral behavior.

While the games remain vague on Ghouls' feral transformations, the series suggests that social isolation and RadAway usage could play a role in this process.

For more insights into the Fallout TV series, discover how the show tackles unresolved mysteries from the video game franchise.

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