Pokémon Unveils Limited-Time Event for Exclusive 'Mon

Pokémon Unveils Limited-Time Event for Exclusive 'Mon

New Event Brings Challenge for Scarlet & Violet Players

Pokémon enthusiasts, get ready! A new limited-time event has been announced, offering players of Scarlet & Violet the chance to catch a powerful new 'mon.

Mark Your Calendars for the Raid Event

Scheduled for two action-packed weekends, players will need to tackle a tough raid to secure their prize. The event kicks off on Friday, April 5, 2024, and runs until Sunday, April 7, 2024. The excitement continues the following weekend from Friday, April 12, 2024, to Sunday, April 14, 2024.

Meet the Star of the Raid: Meganium

The star of this raid event is the Generation 2 starter, Meganium, making its debut in the game with the Indigo Disk DLC. For players without the DLC, this event offers a unique opportunity to add Meganium to their collection without the need for trading.

What to Expect from Meganium

Meganium comes with the Psychic Tera type, hinting at powerful moves like Zen Headbutt. As a Grass-type, players can anticipate heavy-hitting Grass-type moves and potential coverage moves such as Weather Ball or Stomping Tantrum. With the Leaf Guard ability, Meganium is likely to utilize sunlight to ward off status conditions.

Challenges Await in Seven-Star Tera Raids

Seven-star Tera Raids present a formidable challenge, featuring Pokémon with boosted stats, an array of moves, and a Tera Shield that reduces damage taken and prevents stat reduction. Players will need to bring their A-game to succeed in capturing Meganium.

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