Pokémon Go Players Demand Refunds After Character Customisation Update

Pokémon Go Players Demand Refunds After Character Customisation Update

Pokémon Go recently announced a significant free update that would alter the appearance of in-game characters, sparking both excitement and frustration among players.

Players Upset Over Changes to Character Customisation

Character customisation has long been a popular feature in Pokémon Go, with players often spending real money on various items of clothing to dress their characters in, from hats to shoes. However, the latest update has left many players disappointed as it has altered the way characters look.

The update introduced new body types that allow players to change their appearance, but this has led to issues with the clothing options. Many outfits no longer fit the new body types, leaving some avatars looking nude or causing clothes to pass through them.

Additionally, a new system for searching for outfits has caused some items to go missing or become difficult to locate, further frustrating players.

Players Take to Reddit to Voice Concerns

On Reddit, one user's post titled "Niantic owes us coins" has gained nearly 1,000 upvotes, highlighting the discontent among the player community.

Furthermore, players have expressed dissatisfaction with the new skin colours, noting that they appear unnatural and no longer resemble human skin tones.

Potential for Improvement in Future Updates

It is not uncommon for Niantic, the developer of Pokémon Go, to encounter issues with new features upon their release. However, these issues are typically addressed in subsequent updates, offering hope to players that the current problems will be resolved.

Despite the initial backlash, the new update does offer some promising changes, including more diverse body types and genderless clothing options, providing players with a wider range of outfits to choose from.

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