Pokémon fans rush to get rare 'mon with limited-time giveaway

Pokémon fans rush to get rare 'mon with limited-time giveaway

Exclusive Pokémon up for grabs

Every year, Nintendo releases two versions of mainline Pokémon games, each with its own set of exclusives. Generation 9 introduces the Paradox Pokémon, featuring powerful past and future 'mons inspired by popular designs from the franchise. Half of these exclusive 'mons are from Pokémon Scarlet, while the other half are from Pokémon Violet.

Don't miss out on Flutter Mane!

For players who own only one version of the game and have no one to trade with, missing out on a collection of popular Pokémon is a real possibility. However, Pokémon frequently holds giveaways for successful competition 'mons. Currently, to celebrate the Korea Player's Cup, a special Flutter Mane owned by last year's Senior Division Champion, Yeomyeong, is up for grabs via a Mystery Gift.

Act fast before it's gone!

Flutter Mane, available exclusively for Pokémon Scarlet, can be obtained through the Mystery Gift feature until May 7, 2024. The 'mon comes equipped with the Choice Specs item and knows the moves Moonblast, Shadow Ball, Dazzling Gleam, and Thunderbolt. Time is running out, so grab it while you can!

How to get Flutter Mane

To claim Flutter Mane, follow these steps: Open your menu, select Poké Portal, navigate to Mystery Gift, choose 'Get with Code/Password,' and enter the password 987W1THSPECS. From there, select Flutter Mane, and it's yours!

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