Pokémon fans can snag a free Gyarados for a limited time

Pokémon fans can snag a free Gyarados for a limited time

What's new in the world of competitive Pokémon?

COMPETITIVE Pokémon is more popular than ever before, as Scarlet & Violet brought in a whole new wave of fans. The Pokémon Company has made battling other players easier by adding in a huge number of new features.

Get your hands on a special Gyarados

You can grab a copy of the Gyarados which won the Singapore Championships. Scarlet & Violet introduced Bottle Caps to improve IVs, Ability Patches, and Capsules to change Abilities, and Shiny Pokémon are easier to grab than ever. While it only takes a few hours to build a battle-ready Pokémon, there’s an even easier way to pick them up.

Celebrate with a giveaway

Pokémon often gives away copies of ‘mons that have won some of the game’s biggest tournaments. Currently players can pick up fan-favourite Gyarados to celebrate the Asia Championships. The Gyarados is based on the one Melvin Keh, better known as sempra, used to win last year’s Singapore Championships.

How to claim your free Gyarados

This Mystery Gift is available until Sunday, June 30, 2024, so you still have some time before the giveaway ends. Gyarados comes with the Steel-Tera type and holds the Aguav Berry which will restore HP when you fall below 25%. It has a Careful nature, the ability Intimidate, and has the moves Waterfall, Thunder Wave, Taunt, and Protect. Gyarados has max HP and a lot of Special Defense investment, along with some investment in Defense and Speed. If you want to grab Melvin’s Gyarados, you will need to access Mystery Gift through the Poké Portal in the menu. Then select Get with Code/Password and enter the code GYARAD0S2023SG.

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