PlayStation's God of War Ragnarok Could Be the Next Exclusive to Launch on PC

PlayStation's God of War Ragnarok Could Be the Next Exclusive to Launch on PC

Leaked Information

Recent leaks suggest that PlayStation's exclusive title, God of War Ragnarok, could be the next game to make its way to PC. This follows a trend of PlayStation releasing some of its popular exclusives on other platforms.

Transition to PC

PlayStation has been gradually expanding its reach to PC, with games like Horizon, Spider-Man, Uncharted, and Helldivers 2 already available on Steam. The move to bring God of War Ragnarok to PC would align with this strategy.

Leak Details

According to the French gaming website Dealabs, which has a track record of accurate leaks, God of War Ragnarok is rumored to be announced for PC release later this month. While the specific launch date is not known, the timing coincides with previous statements by PlayStation Studios' head, Hermen Hulst.

Potential Release Window

Hulst had previously mentioned a gap of at least a year between PlayStation and PC releases. With God of War Ragnarok originally launching in November 2022, an 18-month gap would make sense for its PC debut. The success of the original God of War on PC further supports this speculation.

Stay Tuned for Updates

If these rumors hold true, fans can expect an official announcement from PlayStation regarding the PC release of God of War Ragnarok in the near future. This move would mark another significant step in PlayStation's strategy to broaden its gaming reach.

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