PlayStation fans rejoice as PS5 consoles hit record low prices

PlayStation fans rejoice as PS5 consoles hit record low prices

Scalpers no more

PlayStation enthusiasts faced a bumpy ride with the release of the PS5, as limited stock led to skyrocketing prices from scalpers. The struggle was real for many, with the console's hefty price tag adding to the woes.

Time to take the plunge

But fear not, those days are now in the past. While snagging a PS5 can still be a challenge at nearly £500, the good news is that prices are finally dropping. If you've been eyeing a PlayStation 5 but waiting for a more wallet-friendly deal, this could be your moment.

Best deals in town

Rumors of an upcoming PS5 Pro have made current console prices more enticing than ever. After scouring the web, we've uncovered the lowest prices yet for the PS5, making it a competitive option against the Xbox Series S.

Exclusive discount

Music Magpie is currently offering a special deal on PS5 consoles through their eBay store, with the digital edition priced at £399 and the disc-based version at £435. By applying the code RENEW25 at checkout, you can slash an additional £100 off these prices, bringing them down to £299 and £335 respectively.

Refurbished but reliable

It's worth noting that these consoles are refurbished, meaning they were previously returned due to minor faults like a faulty connection. However, they have been repaired and come with a warranty, ensuring a risk-free purchase for gamers.

More gaming deals

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