Meet Carlo Acutis: The First Millennial Saint

Meet Carlo Acutis: The First Millennial Saint

From Web Influencer to Saint

A web influencer and avid gamer, Carlo Acutis, is set to become the first millennial to be officially canonized by the Catholic Church. Born in London to Italian parents, Acutis moved to Italy at a young age and dedicated his life to religious activities.

The 'God's Influencer'

Known for his love of gaming culture, Acutis was skilled with computers and even built websites promoting the Catholic faith. His most famous site catalogued Eucharistic miracles and Marian apparitions, leaving a lasting impact even after his passing.

A Gamer with a Heart of Gold

Despite his passion for gaming, Acutis used his hobby for good, donating video games to children in need. His favorite games included Halo, Pokémon, and Super Mario, with a VR game based on his life developed posthumously.

Two Miracles Lead to Sainthood

After Pope Francis recognized two miracles attributed to Acutis, he is set to be officially declared a saint. The miracles involved healing a sick child and a daughter who miraculously recovered after a prayer at Acutis' tomb.

The Road to Canonization

The Vatican announced the decree of Acutis' canonization, with the official ceremony likely to take place during the Catholic Church's jubilee celebrations in 2025. Followers from around the world visit his tomb in Assisi to pay their respects.

For more details on Carlo Acutis' life and work, you can read an in-depth report here.

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