Man spends over $20k on the eShop to buy every single game before shutdown

JIRARD Khalil, better known as The Completionist on YouTube, has spent almost $23k (£19k) on 3DS and Wii U games before the eShops close.

The collection amounts to 866 Wii U games and 1547 3DS games which Khalil purchased over the last year.

Coming soon ... Nintendo 3DS on the way in March
The 3DS eShop will soon be closed.

After March 27, 2023, the eShop will close for both of these platforms and games will no longer be available for purchase.

Because of this, fans have been flocking to the eShop in order to buy the games before they’re gone for good.

Pokémon is the most popular series that people are buying, with games from the series in Nintendo’s top seven most purchased games.

There are a number of games that cannot be purchased on any other console, such as the Pokémon games.

The eShop also features games that will be gone for good once the store closes, as they are not playable on any other platform.

It is believed that around 1k of the roughly 2.5k games will be unavailable to purchase and play after the end of March.

Khalil went further than most fans by purchasing every single game rather than just his favourites.

This included a number of smaller indie titles that were released on the eShop long ago.

To purchase the entire library of games, Khalil had to buy almost 500 eShop vouchers and redeem them one by one.

As the eShop wallet only stores $250 in funds, he would often have to purchase games before he could redeem more vouchers.

Digital games make up over 90% of video game purchases worldwide, but as the closure of the eShop shows, it doesn’t mean they will be available forever.

Purchased games will still be available for download after the eShop closes.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.


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