Little-known PS5 feature helps you beat hard game parts with ease

Little-known PS5 feature helps you beat hard game parts with ease

Game Help: Your Secret Weapon

Getting stuck on a tough level in your favorite PlayStation 5 game can be frustrating, but fear not – there's a hidden trick that can help you breeze through those challenging parts. Sony's PS5 comes equipped with a feature called Game Help, designed to provide you with specific tips to overcome difficult gameplay hurdles.

Originally, Game Help offered tips from game developers, but Sony recently expanded the feature to include Community Game Help. This means you can now tap into the collective wisdom of other players to conquer tricky puzzles or tasks.

With Community Game Help, PS5 players can share gameplay footage, view hints from fellow gamers, and access hints created by developers, making it easier than ever to progress in your favorite games.

How to Use Game Help

When you find yourself stuck in a game, simply press the PS button on your DualSense controller to access the Control Center. Look for an Action Card labeled "Hints Inside" and select it to receive tips and watch clips that guide you through the puzzle or challenge you're facing. You can also access Game Help tips through the official PlayStation app, saving valuable screen space.

Little-known PS5 feature helps you beat hard game parts with ease

Contribute to Community Game Help

If you're feeling generous and want to share your gaming expertise with others, you can contribute to Community Game Help. By opting in from the Settings menu, you can offer your own gameplay solutions to help fellow players overcome obstacles.

To participate, navigate to Captures & Broadcasts > Captures > Auto Captures > Community Game Help on your PS5. Choose "Participate" to join the program and set a monthly capture limit to control the number of videos captured from your gameplay. Once approved by a moderator, your video will be published as a Game Help hint for other PlayStation players to benefit from.

Remember, Sony only accepts raw gameplay footage for Community Game Help, ensuring that no personal images or audio are shared. You can view and remove your published videos at any time, making it a safe and helpful way to contribute to the gaming community.

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