I'm a Splatoon Pro and the Latest PS5 Exclusive Doesn't Quite Hit the Mark

I'm a Splatoon Pro and the Latest PS5 Exclusive Doesn't Quite Hit the Mark

A New Take on the Genre

Nintendo is renowned for its innovative approach to video game genres, and titles like ARMS and Splatoon have captivated gamers with their unique mechanics. As a seasoned Splatoon player, I have a deep understanding of the third-person paint-flinging shooter genre, having competed in international tournaments and achieved notable success. So, when Square Enix released Foamstars, their own take on the genre, I was eager to see how it compared.

Aesthetics and Atmosphere

Foamstars, available exclusively on the PS4 and PS5, introduces a fresh dose of verticality, new game modes, and futuristic aesthetics to the genre. Visually, the game is a feast for the eyes, with pulsing neon lights and vibrant cyberpunk clothing setting the stage for an exciting experience. While the soundtrack falls a bit flat, the overall look and feel of the game create an immersive atmosphere reminiscent of a lavish party in Las Vegas.

Gameplay: Chaos Over Strategy

Where Foamstars diverges from Splatoon is in its gameplay. The main competitive mode, called Smash the Star, is a bit convoluted and lacks the strategic depth found in Splatoon. Each team has a set number of lives, and the player who survives becomes the MVP with increased HP and ammo. The objective is to defeat the opposing MVP, with the team that achieves this being declared the winner. However, in my experience, the matches often devolve into chaotic battles without much tactical thinking. Players tend to rush in, spray foam, and hope for a victory, rather than employing strategic maneuvers.

Building Foam and Character Variety

A notable aspect of Foamstars is the ability to build up piles of foam as defensive barriers and gain a height advantage. However, players currently rely more on incidental advantages rather than actively creating them. On the positive side, the playable characters offer a diverse range of abilities, encouraging players to experiment and find the one that suits their play style.

I'm a Splatoon Pro and the Latest PS5 Exclusive Doesn't Quite Hit the Mark

The Cost of Cosmetics

One concern with Foamstars is the cost of cosmetics, which can be quite steep through microtransactions. While these purchases are purely for cosmetic purposes and do not provide any gameplay advantage, the high prices may deter some players from fully engaging with the game.

Potential for Growth

Foamstars undoubtedly has potential, but it still has a way to go before it can compete with established shooter games in terms of its competitive landscape. Whether players will stick with this PlayStation exclusive long enough for the game to mature remains to be seen. However, if the necessary improvements are made, Foamstars could have an intriguing future ahead.