I’m a Pokémon World Champion and a last minute flight just made me $6k

I’m a Pokémon World Champion and a last minute flight just made me $6k

From London to Orlando

Wolfe Glick recently returned home from London where he came 13th in the European International Championships, the largest Pokémon tournament ever. Despite fierce competition, including former World Champions, Glick was proud of his performance.

A Quick Turnaround

Only a week after the European tournament, Glick flew to Florida for the Orlando Regional Tournament on a last-minute decision. With little sleep, he used the same winning team from Europe and managed to secure the title and $6k in prize money.

The MVP: Amoonguss

Glick praised his Amoonguss with Sludge Bomb as the star player in Orlando, securing a crucial victory in the final match. Despite the odds, Glick's strategic gameplay and team composition led him to victory.

9th Regional Title

With the Orlando win, Glick now holds 9 Regional titles, solidifying his legacy in competitive Pokémon history. His dedication and skill continue to impress fans and competitors alike.

Looking Ahead

For more insights into the world of Pokémon competition, don't miss our exclusive interview with Wolfe Glick on his experience and strategies in the midst of intense tournaments.

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