Ikea Offers Paid Jobs to Gamers in Popular Online Game

Ikea Offers Paid Jobs to Gamers in Popular Online Game

Ikea Launches Virtual Store in Roblox

Ikea is venturing into the world of online gaming by opening a virtual shop in the popular game Roblox. The furniture giant is set to launch The Co-Worker Game on June 24, 2024, providing players with a unique opportunity to experience working at an Ikea store in a virtual environment.

How to Apply for a Paid Player Role

Interested in working for Ikea in the virtual world? The Swedish retailer is currently accepting applications for ten paid jobs at their upcoming Roblox store. To apply, individuals must visit The Co-Worker Game website and submit their application by June 16. Those selected will earn £13.15 per hour, mirroring Ikea's real-life hourly rate for employees in London.

Virtual Interviews and Eligibility

Shortlisted candidates will have the chance to participate in virtual interviews scheduled between June 14 and 18. To be considered for a paid role, applicants must be 18 years or older and reside in the UK or Ireland. This unique opportunity allows players to not only explore the virtual store but also earn real money while doing so.

Expanding Opportunities in Gaming

In addition to Ikea's initiative, a casting agency is also seeking skilled Fortnite players to participate in live streams. This trend of merging gaming and job opportunities highlights the evolving landscape of virtual experiences and the potential for individuals to monetize their gaming skills.

Ikea Offers Paid Jobs to Gamers in Popular Online Game

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