Get Your Free Fallout Fix with Amazon Prime

Get Your Free Fallout Fix with Amazon Prime

Prime Gaming Offers Fallout 76 and Fallout 3 for Free

With the recent surge in popularity of the Fallout TV show, Amazon Prime members can now dive deeper into the post-apocalyptic realm with free games.

Unlock Exclusive Benefits Beyond Fast Shipping

While many are familiar with Prime Video, Prime Gaming is a lesser-known perk that offers free PC games, including the latest installment in the Fallout series, Fallout 76.

Claim Your Free Games Now

By linking your Amazon account to Prime Gaming, you can claim Fallout 76 for PC and Xbox consoles until May 15. Additionally, Fallout 3 will be available for free starting May 9.

Immerse Yourself in the World of Fallout

Whether you prefer to explore Fallout with friends or go on solo adventures, Prime Gaming has you covered this month. Don't miss out on these exciting gaming deals!

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