Get Ready for Free Games with Amazon Prime!

Get Ready for Free Games with Amazon Prime!

Discover Amazon Prime's Best Kept Secret

Amazon Prime is known for its perks like free next day delivery, Prime Video, and music streaming. But did you know that there's another amazing perk that can save you hundreds every year? As an Amazon Prime subscriber, you can download great games for free every month! And this December, there are eight exciting games up for grabs.

Introducing Deathloop: The Headline Game of the Month

One of the standout games available this month is Deathloop. With an impressive 89 rating on Metacritic, this critically acclaimed first-person shooter from French game studio Arkane is a must-play. Immerse yourself in a thrilling time loop as you try to outsmart a rival assassin. Normally priced at £59.99, getting Deathloop for free is a massive saving.

More Games to Explore

Aside from Deathloop, there are other fantastic titles waiting to be downloaded. Asteroids: Recharged puts a modern twist on the classic arcade game, while A Tiny Sticker Tale captivates players with its cute and cosy indie charm.

How to Redeem Your Free Games

Getting your hands on these free games is simple. Just connect your Amazon account subscribed to Amazon Prime with Prime Gaming. Follow the instructions on Prime Gaming to claim each game from its respective digital store. It's that easy!

Mark Your Calendar: Release Dates for December

Make sure you don't miss out on these exciting games. Here's the full list of releases and their respective dates:

  • December 7: Deathloop [Epic Games Store]
  • December 14: Akka Arrh [Amazon Games App], Aground [Amazon Games App], SeaOrama: World of Shipping [Amazon Games App]
  • December 21: Kombinera [Epic Games Store]
  • December 28: A Tiny Sticker Tale [Amazon Games App], Asteroids: Recharged [Epic Games Store]

Don't Miss Out on More Free Games

If you're hungry for even more free games, be sure to check out the games coming to PS Plus Essential in December. With Amazon Prime and PS Plus, you'll have a treasure trove of gaming experiences at your fingertips.