Gamers shocked by highly-rated game that’s becoming mobile’s most expensive app

Gamers shocked by highly-rated game that’s becoming mobile’s most expensive app

Mobile gaming revolution

The world of mobile gaming is about to get a serious upgrade. Traditionally, big-name games have been reserved for popular consoles like PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, and Steam. However, Apple is now making a play to enter the industry and bring top-tier gaming to mobile devices.

Resident Evil 4 remake for iPhone

Apple recently announced that the highly rated game, Resident Evil 4 remake, will be coming to the iPhone. This comes as a major surprise to gamers who are used to playing games like this on consoles. The release coincided with the launch of the latest iPhone 15, which promises to deliver a gaming experience comparable to full triple-A titles.

Console-quality gaming on mobile

Many gamers assumed that the mobile versions of these games would be of lower quality compared to their console counterparts. After all, these games usually require high-quality hardware and hefty file sizes, making them perfect for consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X. The limited hardware of the Nintendo Switch even ruled out the possibility of these games being released on that platform. However, it appears that Apple is planning to defy expectations and offer an iPhone gaming experience on par with consoles.

Premium price tag

Of course, quality comes at a price. It is reported that Resident Evil 4 will be available on the iPhone for a whopping $60 (£58), the same price as its console version. However, purchasing the iPhone version will also give players access to the Mac version. The big question is whether these games, with file sizes as large as 70GB, can be downloaded onto a phone. Some speculate that these games will be cloud releases, with the game streaming from a server. This would require a stable internet connection to play.

Looking ahead

While details about these mobile releases are still limited, gamers are eagerly anticipating this new entry in the world of mobile gaming. Will Apple be able to deliver a console-worthy gaming experience on its flagship device? Only time will tell, but this move has certainly caught the attention of the gaming community.

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