Gamers Can Snag Top-Rated Soulslike Game at Unbeatable Price

Gamers Can Snag Top-Rated Soulslike Game at Unbeatable Price

Unbeatable Discounts on Lies of P for Steam and PlayStation Players

For gamers looking to immerse themselves in a challenging soulslike experience, now is the perfect time to grab Lies of P at its lowest-ever price. Whether you're a fan of intense combat or captivating storytelling, this game has it all.

Discover Lies of P: A Soulslike Gem Inspired by Pinocchio

Step into the enchanting world of Lies of P, a soulslike game inspired by Carlo Colodi's Pinocchio. Set in the stunning fictional city of Krat, players embody Geppetto's puppet and navigate through a world filled with biomechanical foes and colossal robotic bosses.

Challenging Combat and Player Choices Await

Prepare for adrenaline-pumping combat that demands precise timing of your every move. From well-executed attacks to strategic dodges and parries, every decision counts. Additionally, immerse yourself in Lies of P's unique "choices matter" Lying System, where your decisions shape the narrative and determine multiple endings.

Score Big Savings on Lies of P

With an impressive 83/100 score on Metacritic, Lies of P is hailed as a standout title within the soulslike genre. Previously priced at £49.99 / $59.99, the game is now available for just £34.99 / $41.99 on Steam, marking a generous 40% discount. But act fast – this offer is only valid until April 16, 2024.

Gamers Can Snag Top-Rated Soulslike Game at Unbeatable Price

Additional Deals for PlayStation and Xbox Players

PlayStation users can also enjoy savings on the Deluxe Edition of Lies of P, featuring exclusive in-game items alongside the base game. Meanwhile, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can access the game for free on Xbox consoles or PC, offering a budget-friendly gaming option.

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